Welcome to the tiny space of H.Leigh Art!

Hello!  I am an acrylic painter with a strong focus on animals and nature as my subjects.  I am happy you found my work and hope that you connect with it.  I am always interested in collaborating with other artists and have a passion for working within communities to better them and build them stronger, together.  I believe in truth and justice and US, you and I.  Each one teach one; together we can stay strong.  Some recent shows that have displayed my work are both spring and fall Saint Paul Art Crawls, 2016, 2017, and soon to be spring of 2018. “Silver Thunder” and “The Wave” are at Gallery on the Lake in Lake City until February. I will have some black and white photography also going to Gallery on the Lake for an upcoming show. Recipient of the Bill Murray Choice Award for the Colab Creation along with Heather Barber for our “Integrative Ocean Scene”. Pizza Luce Show in 2017, “Harvest Show” in Eagan, MN in September 2017. “The Clean Show”, hosted by Your Arts Desire of Minnetonka, a life after recovery from chemical dependency themed online show,  Jungle Red Salon in Minneapolis as guest artist in October 2016, and the Dancing Goat Coffee House in St. Paul as guest artist in 2016. Seward Neighborhood Art Crawl 2016. 

My passion is helping people through the arts using both Life Coaching and creative process.  Although I am a painter, I also write and play music, and dance.  I love inspiring people to make small and big changes through these means and encourage creative movement throughout all processes.  I am also currently developing an art program for children that once up and running, I will provide details of how the program will be run and will be looking for volunteer artists to come work with children through the arts.

“Ocean Scene”
Sold at the Show Gallery
mixed media/braille.
Recipient of the 2017 Bill Murray Award


“Grandpa and Grandma”


Over this past summer, I had a huge blessing of being able to take care of four senior horses. I thanked spirit every day for being given the gift of being around this small herd. I started a youtube channel that used the wisdom the horses had for each days reflection which you can find on youtube as Lessons From The Farm. There are Life Coaching prompts in each video and my bio is there too. This piece was in adoration of the two main horses of the herd. I felt blessed to be able to take care of this mare as it was her last summer on our planet. I know spirit didn’t make a mistake giving me the opportunity of being her care taker through her final process of ageing. Also, these two reminded me of a couple I met in Galveston once on the fishing pier. They had been together for over 60 years and were so happy to fish in silence together. This is part of the intimacy series and speaks to spending a lifetime with someone, being blessed with friendship, love and spending hours with another being whom you trust as your own body.

The original is still available as are prints on society 6. you can order prints on anything you want at http://www.society6.com/hleighart. Other wise , the original is framed in wood and is an 8 x 10 on canvas board. I believe the price is $175.00.


“Walking My Dream Pony”


This piece is about ageing and realizing that our bodies give out and we start to see our mortality. It came about as I was walking my horse Reggie who is a senior. We were both limping together, he had a sore hip and I had a sore knee but we were in it together and happy to be. I remembered my girlie fantasy’s about heart horses and finally found my heart horse later in life, when we limped together in freedom. It was a fun, whimsical painting. Reggie brought out my playfulness and reminded me to take life in stride, Zen out and enjoy ageing.


“Becoming One”


Half Human, Half Horse, coming from a bottle? This is part of a series that is a work in progress called the “Intimacy Series”. Works in this series are stories that tell about the masks we wear in our relationships, the levels of depth we fall in while getting closer to people in our lives, the identity that we grow into as a result of being influenced by others, the selves that we shed as we grow into bigger selves, all teaching each other and growing together. Humans are amazing. So are animals. Again, because my rejection and abandonment scars have been sometimes excruciating for me to deal with, I detach in the safety of horses and tell the story sometimes how I wish I could be as close to other humans as I am with horses. This piece is about becoming one unit even though it’s awkward and uncertain, sometimes feeling severed and weird, disconnected in the process.


Looking for commissioned work?

Guess what? I am also looking to do the work. I do psychic interpretations that tell your unique story. You can check out the painting below that describes the process and how I do it. The delivery method is through a combination of my education, who I am as a person and my own recovery and healing process. If you are curious about Life Coaching, you can view my coaching site at http://www.silentmooncoach.com. I love working with people at the root and using my artwork as a means of connection. My number is 612-280-6033 if you’re interested. I respond to text messages also.