“You Get Me” 2015 H. Leigh $500 heathler1@gmail.com

imageSometimes, humans are frustrating but animals have our backs, don’t they? I have been lucky to experience a life-long relationship with horses which has benefitted me as a human, artist, and nature lover.  Anytime I simply show up to the smell of horses, my stress level instantly lowers and I feel like I am home.  This painting means a lot to me because it touches parts of me that are hidden from people.  My most vulnerable emotions and thoughts are revealed through the various layers of color.  Horses are truth to me.





“Dude” 2016 H.Leigh   to be donated to This Old Horse Rescue

Other works for sale

shawoman cropped
“Sha-woman” 2014 H. Leigh $300.00
“Compassion” 2014 H. Leigh $300.00



Starting from left to right is “Shawoman”$300.00, “Winter Solstice”$275.00 sold “Bandit”$200.00, and “Compadres”$275.00.

“Shawoman” and “Bandit” have both been featured in Haute Dish Magazine in 2014 and 2015.  “Solstice” is about reflection and is my former horse Marco and “Compadres” is about traveling with friends.



Not For Sale 2014

Retelling of Adelio Sarro

Although this painting is not for sale because the original is from my favorite artist Adelio Sarro, I think it deserves to be looked at.  I nearly fell out of my seat in class when I found Adelio after scanning through hundreds of paintings looking for one that spoke to me for an assignment.  This one not only spoke to me, it made me cry because it is so beautiful.  The original is the first picture standing by it’s sister painted by me.