“Angel” 2014 H.Leigh


A year into the journey, I started to rethink what is important to me and kept coming to a gentle whisper that wouldn’t stop; I knew I had to change my insides so that I could give my daughter the best shot in life that she could have.  We set out the summer of 2014 for our first long road trip together in Colorado to see my brother and ended up in a little garden in Boulder.  I watched my daughter running around enjoying the foothills and butterflies and felt gratitude for her smile and spirit coming to life after being in the car for so long.  She has been the number one catalyst for my recovery journey and helps me feel grateful every day for the little blessings in life.  I now start my days with thanks for small things like the sun peeking out of the grey or for being able to dance around to music with her.  In this painting, I focused on the face as I was experimenting with my favorite painters use of scumbling and layering of subtle colors.



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