“Set Your Sheep Free” 2016 Photo Art

This photo was a shot of a field of wild flowers.  During creative process, I saw a frolicking (jumping?) sheep in the middle resembling “a cow jumping over the moon”, hahaha.  So that is how the name came into being.  Don’t be a sheep, listen to your own wisdom and follow the path of enlightenment, kindness and love.  Now go be free and jump around in that field.  🙂


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“Love and Light Movement” 2016

light fragments
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This photo started as a storm forming over my house that I tried to make more menacing with effects but through the process, it became light and prismish like most creative process does for me.  Whether I am battling duality or uncontrollable circumstances outside of my power, the creative process heals me from darkness to light.  Like Bob Ross, “see those problems over there? Now they are birds, birds I tell you!”.  The creative process is healing and transforming!  From Storm to a Brightly Lit, multi-dimensional sky.  🙂  Join the Love and Kindness Movement!!



“You and Me Against the World” 2016

This image was the original from Glass Angels before it became Glass Angels.  When I was a kid, my mom used to sing “You and Me Against the World” to me on our way to my grandmas house before my mom would go to work.  My mom struggled as a single mother for a long time so when she sang the song to me, she would get teary eyed and I knew how much the song meant to her. When I tweaked this photo the first few rounds, it reminded me of those rides in the car with my mom.  This image has a lot of meaning to me.  I hope you like it.


new digital
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H.Leigh TM


“Glass Angels” 2016 Photo Art

This photo was originally an image of my daughter and I standing together with just our legs up to her arms wrapped around me.  I then tweaked color and double imaged a photo of her father holding her up to a bar on the jungle gym. After some tweaking, it became an image of angels to me shooting rays of light out from the center.  It also looks like hands wrapped around a crystal ball in the center, perhaps telling tales of wisdom and fortune from the magical planes of life.  I really love how this piece turned out; one of my digital favorites.


glass angels
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“We Are Grains of Sand” 2016 Photo Art

Although I’m not a huge fan of digital art, I do Like to dabble with  photo effects.  This started as a Sunrise and ended up reflecting how small we humans are in comparison to the universe.  Look at the sky as a reminder to not take problems too seriously.  Although we are powerful as a species in our vision and light, we are also dots on a landscape and don’t even show up from space.  Let go and love each other while we have this limited amount of time in our physical bodies.

H.Leigh  ❤

Laminated Poster $50.00