Update on Upcoming Exhibits

flyer for artHello everyone, thank you for taking the time to look at these paintings and the messages they have for you.  Please come and celebrate two shows with me this week.  I will be at the Saint Paul Saints game this Friday, July 22nd at 7 pm.  Minor league baseball is super fun and I really don’t like baseball so for me to exclaim this is a rare event in itself.  If you can’t make the game then come to Art on the Avenue on Saturday July 23rd from 3-8 on Smith and Dodd in West St. Paul.  I will be sharing space with a fellow painter and friend.  There will be live music, a color dash for kids, lots of art, and just a nice relaxing time.

Again, thank you for thinking of me and I hope that my work connects with you in some way.  I wish to inspire and create meaning through these images.  We are all connected!


H. Leigh

saints vs lemurslemurs vs saints  July 22nd at 7 pm



imageI never know where my paintings are going.  Sometimes I start with certain color schemes in mind, or shapes, or just start blending until I see something form.  Other times I am inspired by something that I saw earlier in the week and need to paint it; I can’t think about anything else until it gets out of my mind.  This next example which is in process started with brush stroke experimentation.  I am looking for a certain texture as this one moves along but it isn’t quite coming to me, however, within the process I start to see a figure peeking out revealing that she wants to be known, so then I go with it.  I am not  sure what will become of her or if she will remain a being form; she could possibly change and turn into a landscape piece or whatever.  Like Border Romance; I never knew what it was going to be, just that I wanted to challenge myself to use more reds because I do not like red.  Red bothers me so trying to get to the bottom of why red bothers me, I force myself to really see into red, and then a whole wave of emotion washed over me as I processed through a very difficult farewell that I went through.  Creative process is that for me.  It is so healing and the act of creating released locked doors in the brain of both positive and negative memories that I have forgotten about on a conscious level.  This is why I believe in the therapeutic benefits of being creative.




“Border Romance” 2016 tm Sold

I lost a beautiful being at the border once.  It’s weird to think that countries have the power to split up love; a force stronger than nebulas and ocean waves cut through by concrete and barbed wire.  I can’t imagine how painful it is for children and parents to be split by a wall.  Border romance is painful stuff.  In the search for freedom (represented in the color scheme) lost inside a prison that land division and the love of greed creates.  The horse is a symbol of freedom, the bull a token of dowry for a lost love.