imageI never know where my paintings are going.  Sometimes I start with certain color schemes in mind, or shapes, or just start blending until I see something form.  Other times I am inspired by something that I saw earlier in the week and need to paint it; I can’t think about anything else until it gets out of my mind.  This next example which is in process started with brush stroke experimentation.  I am looking for a certain texture as this one moves along but it isn’t quite coming to me, however, within the process I start to see a figure peeking out revealing that she wants to be known, so then I go with it.  I am not  sure what will become of her or if she will remain a being form; she could possibly change and turn into a landscape piece or whatever.  Like Border Romance; I never knew what it was going to be, just that I wanted to challenge myself to use more reds because I do not like red.  Red bothers me so trying to get to the bottom of why red bothers me, I force myself to really see into red, and then a whole wave of emotion washed over me as I processed through a very difficult farewell that I went through.  Creative process is that for me.  It is so healing and the act of creating released locked doors in the brain of both positive and negative memories that I have forgotten about on a conscious level.  This is why I believe in the therapeutic benefits of being creative.




“Swells” 2016

imageI woke up from an ocean storm dream the other morning and couldn’t function until I released the emotions and images from my brain.  8 x 10 acrylic on canvas.  $30.00

“Border Romance” 2016 tm Sold

I lost a beautiful being at the border once.  It’s weird to think that countries have the power to split up love; a force stronger than nebulas and ocean waves cut through by concrete and barbed wire.  I can’t imagine how painful it is for children and parents to be split by a wall.  Border romance is painful stuff.  In the search for freedom (represented in the color scheme) lost inside a prison that land division and the love of greed creates.  The horse is a symbol of freedom, the bull a token of dowry for a lost love.