“Protecting the Seed of Hope”2016. Acrylic on canvas, 5×7. H.Leigh TM

imageThis is a study on vulnerability in the beginning stages of love.  Patience is the mothers milk responsible for its growth and the older we get, the more we protect the tiny seed of hope as the cynical world knocks at our souls threatening to abduct the hope that we so desperately fight to hold onto.  Horse mythology traditionally suggests that in death, we are carried to the heavens by a white horse that serves as our guide to the other side.  This study suggests that my guide protects the seed of hope of unconditional love. The growth that happens when we accept our limitations and choose to love through the unknowable a, fear, cynicism, doubt and rejection.  I spent the entire day while painting this asking for my guides and my father to protect the realm of the heart for me.  The seed of hope revealed herself.

Create a life of passion not regret.


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