“Polarity” 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas, $250.00


Originally inspired by Halloween, this bad boy morphed into the evil that was the 2016 election.  I  named it “Born in Uncertainty” at first but Polarity seemed more fitting.

Welcome to the tiny space of H.Leigh Art!

Who I am in a nutshell.

I am definitely a nut but not hard to crack.
I am an acrylic painter with a strong focus on healing with animals and nature as my subjects. I am also a life coach and use the arts when coaching clients. Thank you for connecting with my work. It is my intention to help others heal through interpreting impressions that come from my world in meaningful and healing language. I am always interested in collaborating with other visionary artists and have a passion for working within communities to better them and build them stronger, together.  I believe in truth and justice and US, you and I.  Each one teach one, together we can heal from the maladies of the world, in support and love. 

-2016-present, St. Paul Art Crawl
-2018 Collaborative show in Eagan called “Horse Worship”
-2018 Marydale Art Festival
-2018 Como Fest
-2018 Art in the Hollow
-2017 Horse Crazy Market
-2017 Won T-shirt competition for Horse Crazy Market with Silver Thunder making 2017 T-shirt.
-2017 Recipient of the Bill Murray Choice Award for the Colab Creation along with Heather Barber for our “Integrative Ocean Scene”
-2017 Won the district spotlight for painting of “Catsup and Mustard” hot rod for St. Paul art crawl media competition
-2017 Featured artist on Local Minneapolis Artists page
-2017 Art-O-Whirl
-2017 Pizza Luce Show
-2017 “Harvest Show” in Eagan, MN
-2017 “The Clean Show”, hosted by Your Arts Desire of Minnetonka,a life after recovery from chemical dependency themed online show
-2016 Jungle Red Salon in Minneapolis
-2016 Dancing Goat Coffee House in St. Paul
-2016 Seward Neighborhood Art Crawl
-2015 Featured Artist in summer Haute Dish magazine for black and white photography of hot rod car.
-2015 Featured Artist in spring Haute Dish Magazine for painting of “Shawoman”

My passion is helping people through the arts using both Life Coaching and creative process.  Although I am a painter, I also dabble in digital photography, write poetry and books, play music,and dance.  I love inspiring people to make small and big changes through these means and encourage creative movement throughout all processes. Although I have always been interested in art and the open space of nature to grow our imagination, I found painting in 2015 when I took a painting class at Metro State to fulfill an elective for my B.A. in Creative Healing in Human Development. The instructor, Ann Sugnet, was so encouraging, she warmly nudged me down the path of art. There is nothing more beautiful than an encouraging teacher who believes in your abilities. Here I am three years later pursuing a life long dream. I spent 18 years as an only child growing up in a small town connecting with horses more than people, then 6 years traveling around the country working for an artist at renaissance festivals. I learned while traveling that there is no fear out there, the fear that I heard of growing up about the atrocities of the world. I experienced the opposite; the universe had my back and was full of love. After learning about choice and and limitless possibility, I soon decided to give the gifts I learned to youth who struggled with identity, sense of belonging,and future planning. I dove into the Human Service field working with at risk youth. At one time I was handing out harm reduction kits on the north side of Minneapolis, housing kids on the South Side, and taking former gang members out to the horses to observe herd behavior and apply it to street culture. I then transitioned to working with adults experiencing temporary homelessness and assisted in the development of a national housing program that took flight here in Minnesota and spread to Oregon and Washington, and then nationally. We were called Housing Crisis Response. I spent 18 years advocating for youth and adults experiencing homelessness until I experienced some deaths close to home which lead to losing control of a drinking habit that washed away the pain of those losses. After being less than a building away from the 2013 2 1/2 mile Moore, Oklahoma tornado, I realized my life became TORNADOESQUE. I hit bottom and started my path of sobriety. I hugged my fifth year sobriety on July 26th, 2018. I traded drinking for painting, then released my first series called “Recovery Horses”. As a youth and throughout my travels until this day, I have connected with horses. “Recovery horses” spoke about my healing process and path to sobriety through the language of my favorite subject; psychology. As an artist, it’s such a great joy to see how far I’ve come along in my process. I struggle the same as every artist, but I survive by letting the horse characters, colors, compositions and evolution come alive on canvas and through photography. This is the journey and I’m grateful for all of it. I wouldn’t change a thing.


Heather Leigh.
“Ocean Scene”
Sold at the Show Gallery
mixed media/braille.
Recipient of the 2017 Bill Murray Award