Black, White and Blue Show. February 3rd, 6-9.


Hello all!  I hope to see you at this show where I will be showcasing two paintings; Window Seat and Alone.  Please come on down and celebrate with local artists for this very special show.

Thank you!


H. Leigh


Noticing Process.

My current situation: I’m learning that painting is my go to for solving the super deep dilemmas at the soul level, the doodles fill in the quiet moment spaces, digital fractal art is for helping my eyes refocus and get clear on new ways of seeing things, creating music goes to my intellectual core and community connection space, writing reaches the most vulnerable and sweet places within me and creative movement like Zumba, helps me connect to flow and higher flow that connects us all to the divine. It’s so beautiful being able to see the depths of all that is within each medium or process. This is the essence of my healing journey and the premise from where I teach and walk from.


TM 2017