I Now Have a Society6 Page.

If you like a painting but would rather have a print of it or a throw pillow to accent your couch, well go ahead and shop on Society6.  Here is the link:  https://society6.com/hleighart .   There are many items to choose from and also other artists as well, probably a different artist for each family member in your household.

Thank you for looking and I hope you connect with art wherever you go today.





Evolving Art

As an artist I am always looking at how to retell a story.  I’ve recently been enjoying digital tales and pen and ink creative doodles.  I consider myself a creative who paints as her main form of visual interpretations  who is open to all forms of expression.  I hope this helps clear any confusion.  I value continued growth and believe in a myriad of outlets for creativity to spring forth.  Thank you for looking.