“Becoming One”


Half Human, Half Horse, coming from a bottle? This is part of a series that is a work in progress called the “Intimacy Series”. Works in this series are stories that tell about the masks we wear in our relationships, the levels of depth we fall in while getting closer to people in our lives, the identity that we grow into as a result of being influenced by others, the selves that we shed as we grow into bigger selves, all teaching each other and growing together. Humans are amazing. So are animals. Again, because my rejection and abandonment scars have been sometimes excruciating for me to deal with, I detach in the safety of horses and tell the story sometimes how I wish I could be as close to other humans as I am with horses. This piece is about becoming one unit even though it’s awkward and uncertain, sometimes feeling severed and weird, disconnected in the process.


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