January 26th, 2019 @ the Northrup King Building……..The Sweet Art Salon Show.


WE hope to celebrate art and life with you at the Sweet Art Salon Show in Minneapolis, MN. Artists have a chance to win money depending on how many votes they get from participants. Come explore the majestic arts district in NE Minneapolis and receive gifts of laughter, innovation and unique smells that only come from the alluring aroma of creativity. Also, thank you for being alive!!


Come on Down on February 1st to the Show Gallery to celebrate winter and creativity at the Winter Show.


Each artist has a chance to win money which is determined by how many votes we each get. Please come share laughter, winter,, and art with us AND vote for your favorite piece. I am so excited to be present with so many wonderful artists. Lets keep the spirit of old man winter alive in celebration and good vibes.