Happy New Year!

Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted but the absence is for the greater good as I’ve been collaborating with beautiful people in person and focusing attention on face to face interactions because that’s where the energy and motivation is. I’ve been honored this past year with so many blessings; the biggest being able to help others through art and be awarded by living this passion. If we can’t help each other, what’s it all for really ? The fulfillment that comes from bringing another person joy is beyond words. I truly love being a part of another persons growth and have been given the tools by the creator of relating to others through sound and color, through telling stories in different languages in the form of lines, shapes, harmonies, and vibrations of light and darkness, shades and tones of oneness of all creation. We all connect through art in its glory and vast arrangements in various media. What our words cannot convey at times, sound and color carries through walls that we’ve built around our beings out of safety and vulnerability. Sound 🔊 and color have the ability to break through brick by brick into the nakedness that lies under the surface of life, humanity, and the uncertain. I want to thank Bill Murray for giving Heather B. and I a chance to feel and understand that the efforts of making an all inclusive work of art for all abilities is on the right path of nurturing community. Being recognized and validated means so much in a world of uncertain expression. Social life is a gamble and we never know who we influence, grow, offend, or what people are looking for from us. As artists, we are leaders forwarding progress for humanity. Being recognized grounds us in the uncertainty and points the finger that says “yes, this is the path for you” in the right direction. As artists we all struggle in the void of light and dark, wondering if we mean anything to anyone and if our expression helps anyone else. We struggle with having significance in life or if we are totally wrong and don’t have a clue. As far as producing a work of art that allows the audience to touch it and be a part of the painting, I think we all have mixed emotions about being invited to the table and being heard with a prime example of not being able to fully integrate the art we see at museums for instance, having to obey the space laws between viewer and work of art. Although the work came from human hands, the soul of another, we have barriers so the rest of us cannot quite experience what the maker experienced. It’s a lofty hope but we are all in this co-creation of life thing so why not destroy the barriers between us so that we may understand each other better? We can unify through our struggle when we join in and embrace our humanity and inviting each other in. Vulnerable yet? It’s scary, but not impossible. Same roots, same source!