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Brand New One. 18 x 24, acrylic/pastel on canvas. Ready to hang.excommunicated

I love merging aspects of biological and natural sciences with art. In my healing process, I’ve noticed the patterns in life as they relate to my identity; atoms make up patterns of the universe and color and sound break down into atoms. Through creative process while in recovery of alcohol and childhood trauma, I get to control and take my power back that was taken from me through the creative process and pattern manipulation. The above painting speaks to the debris left behind by the abandonment of parental figures and also key relationships throughout life. Originally I was going to put a horse in the painting which you can somewhat see to the right of the figures head. Horses pretty much raised me as I’ve discussed in my earlier series called “Recovery Horses”. Through the times that I felt completely alone beginning around 6-8 years old, horses have been my friends and have carried me through those times. You can read more about my connection to horses on my life coach website at http://www.silentmooncoach.com. But for the purposes of “Ex-Communicated”, going back to science and patterns, art has given me my power back by being able to create paintings based on how I want to tell my now story. Even though the figure is turning away from something, the bright colors give me hope to rise above the pain of being left behind. Mother Teresa once said that it’s not the lack of food that makes people starve, it’s the lack of love. When I paint, I almost always feel dread in my process. I share these deep processes with the reader in hopes to help in some way. THat’s the only reason. I hope it helps. You are not alone in your struggle whatever it may be. There have been three successful suicides in my family and I wish to be able to offer help to anyone that may feel they don’t belong. Abandonment and rejection can take your breath and soul away from you. That is what this painting is about. It’s about hope and letting you know you are not alone. Reach out to me any time you need.